Discount rates

Destination Euro/min
Bosnia & Her. € 0.11
Germany € 0.01
Indonesia € 0.05
Isreal € 0.00
Morocco Mobile € 0.29
Netherlands Mobile € 0.15
Saudi Arabia € 0.07
Turkey € 0.01
Spain € 0.01
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Cheap VoIP calls with FreeTalk

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FreeTalk is the answer if you are looking for extremely cheap international calls
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It's easy to use, and enables you to talk internationally at local rates within minutes.

By using FreeTalk you get:

- The cheapest international calling rates
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- An easy to use program

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FreeTalk in 5 steps:
1. Register free via your pc
2. Purchase credits
3. Download SIP software
4. Setup the SIP software
5. Connect and call

For € 10,- you can call
500 min. to Jay in Mexico
1000 min. to Li in Peking
333 min. to Can in Istanbul
200 min. to Jane in S.Africa
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